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2011-11-21 19:45:31 by adembekticaa

I accidently wrote some things on my reviews wrong.On the binding of issac i meant to write one blood.And on Madness Consternation i meant Madness Accelerant not acceleration.Sorry.

OOPS truth

2010-12-01 16:01:45 by adembekticaa

turns out out that my keyboard didn't do it.either my flash lagged or i clicked insanely.

Gay Fail

2010-11-07 01:27:30 by adembekticaa

my damn keyboard got fucked up on radio chat and this is true

God of War 3

2010-06-19 17:51:28 by adembekticaa

i played some god of war 3 yesterday.i know that you don't care.but god of war 3 is fucking awesome.though a lot shorter and better and bloodier/gorier etc than the other three god of wars.